Explore the facets of your personality.
With your friends!

Identity Pursuit is a fun and social mobile app for discovering the facets of your personality and the personality of your close ones. Answer fun quizzes and discover who you really are. Do the same for your friends!


Learn to know yourself better


Discover your archetypes, the universal characters that animate our myths and our unconscious. 

Answer the fun quizzes devised by our team of writers, artists, designers, visionaries and psychotherapists. Then ask your friends to answer the same questions about you. You can also answer questions for your friends and colleagues and help them build their archetypal profile!

As you take more quizzes and learn more, you will begin to build your IP profile and better understand both the visible and hidden facets of your personality.





Share your discoveries with your friends

By answering your questions, your friends, your family, and your colleagues will help you understand yourself better and vice versa.

Find out which friends know you best and which ones resemble you the most.

Look out for surprises!

Bigger and better than sending selfies, how about sharing your emotions, your feelings and your perceptions about yourself with the people in your life?



The origins of Identity Pursuit

 IP is based on the work of Carl Jung, the founding father of analytical psychology, and  the body of work developed by Caroline Myss in her best-selling book about archetypes "Sacred Contracts".

It is the fruit of years of work by a dedicated and diverse team of professionals. A group of psychotherapists and archetypal specialists chose the 80 universal archetypes used extensively in the app, crafting 320 questions and 1280 corresponding answers.

These 80 universal archetypes were meticulously selected and their characteristics are described in detail to best represent the wide and diverse range of the facets of personalities that are present in human nature.



The Archetypes

Archetypes are words we use to describe symbols we all know. They have always existed in literature, stories, and myths; for example, King, Princess, Warrior, Beggar, Magician, Seeker, Artist.

The famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung described them as
universal symbols in what he called the “collective unconscious”.

Your Archetypes are the dominant facets of your personality
that make up who you are...

Most of us don’t know which archetypes we “have”, so learning which ones seem to resonate with you helps you understand yourself better.


That in turn helps you discover how to improve
your daily life and your relationships!




Great app i love it! This app enables us to learn to know ourselves better in a fun and interactive way! I love it!
— Amaury A.
Really practical and precise, really useful if you want to know what others think they know about you and how we see each other!! I recommend it 🖒🖒🖒
— Anonyme
Great self-knowledge tool
— Laetitia C.