Love who you are


Welcome to Identity Pursuit, a rich and fun path to self-discovery & understanding of each other better.

We each possess multiple facets !

Are you an Adventurer, a Rebel, a Seducer ?… or perhaps an artist… ?
What does it mean to be any one of these?

If you were to create your own list of archetypes, what would it look like ?

Do you think others would agree with your choices ?

Would you agree with theirs?

Come explore these questions, and many more, when you play Identity Pursuit !

Our Archetypes are within us.
They are the facets of our personality.  
Discover them ! 

identity pursuit jeu archetypes

Play and Learn

The game of Identity Pursuit is an intuitive and ingenious tool that helps you reveal and understand who you really are.

Can’t wait to pursuit my true Identity. Thanks !

Luke Burke, MTV Producer

Want to discover your multiple facets and know how others see you ?