About us

The idea for Identity Pursuit was originally conceived after Olivier Davin read a book by author Caroline Myss called Sacred Contracts.

He became intrigued by a simple thought that would soon grow into a full-blown quest: How can this rich and marvelous ancient wisdom about archetypes be spread around the world to reach the greatest audience possible?

You can discover more about a person in one hour of play than in a year of conversation.


The idea of a game began to make the most sense to him, perhaps reflecting early on a truth that Plato once remarked about. Enrolling in the project Igor Davin and Régine Montaut, the trio developed several prototypes. 

The next challenge – how to enhance the game to best serve its vision – would eventually capture the imaginations and the skills of many talented people around the globe, including writers, designers, artists, teachers, business professionals and therapists.

Identity Pursuit:



Love who you are

Identity Pursuit’s archetype is the Alchemist, the symbol of Transformation, … a true magical process.