Enter the new Era of Board Games where
Laughing, Learning, and Loving who you are becomes a reality!

« What if a 30-minute game could teach you more about
yourself, your friends, your colleagues, your teens,
than a year's worth of conversation? »

We each have

multiple facets!

Are you an Adventurer, a Rebel, a Seducer? …or perhaps an artist?
What does it mean to be any one of these?
If you were to create your own list of archetypes, what would it look like?
Do you think others would agree with your choices?
Would you agree with theirs?
Come explore these questions, and many more, when you play Identity Pursuit!

Play and


The Identity Pursuit board game is an intuitive and ingenious tool that allows you to reveal and understand who you really are. Players are invited to take turns drawing cards on which they will find different facets of personality. This is when the magic happens and transports you into a friendly moment where joy and bursts of laughter are the order of the day!
Do you want to discover your different facets and find out how others see you?

Finally a useful and playful game

where you play, laugh, and learn to love who you are... in the comfort of our home, on vacation or with friends... Always in all simplicity!

An intelligent approach

that addresses life concepts to better understand each other with our teens... that could be taught in our schools for the future of our next generations.

A super fun game

that allows you to have fun while getting to know each other with family, friends, colleagues... that will help you improve your communications, avoid conflicts and be more harmonious in your relationships.

rebel artchetype card

Our game is currently in

prototype version

Our game is currently in prototype version. That is to say that it is almost finalized after years of work but is waiting for your last suggestions before its final release. Your orders will allow us to launch the final production phases of the 7 levels, each comprising 72 to 81 cards. These different levels will lead you to a deeper and deeper knowledge of the multiple facets of our personality!

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« Can't wait to pursue my true Identity. Thanks ! »

Luke Burke, MTV Producer