The Game

Identity Pursuit’s game is more than a game. It’s an ingenious and intuitive tool that helps you discover and understand who you are thru your archetypes – the patterns of your personality – that hold so many answers to why we all behave the way we do.

Its fun and lively use invites you to overcome stereotypes and better understand what makes each human being so unique. Strengthening confidence and empathy, the game sets open communications and ignites lenlighting conversations. It raises awareness that change your outlook on yourself, your relatives, and the world.

Playing Identity Pursuit

The boardgame is made of 72 illustrated archetypes cards and 4 voting tokens.

There are several gameplays available with Identity Pursuit. Here is an exemple which will let you see how you perceive yourself vs how others perceive you.

  • Each player is the active player, at turns. 
  • He picks 4 archetype cards from the deck and read them aloud to the players.
  • Then he assignes a number for each card, using his rectangular pads.
  • With their 4 tokens vote, each player establishes a classification according to his/her own perception of the active player : from the card that corresponds the most (green grining token), to the one that correponds the less (red shuning token).
    Each player keeps his own classification secret for the moment. (Tokens face down)
  • The active player establishes his own classification, his vote tokens placed face down, as well.
  • After voting is done, the active player shows his classification, token by token.
  • The other players then share simultaneously their votes and everyone scores accordingly.

The archetypes cards

The beauty of Identity Pursuit’s game lays on the rich and detailed illustrations along with the simple & short text that goes with each one of them.

They loved to play Identity Pursuit (the original version)

“There is so much I love about Identity Pursuit : It brings people together and gives us all an opportunity to give affirmations about talents and temperaments. It is visually very pleasing. I love the exquisit drawings of the cards and enjoy pondering them. The questions are deeply probing and sometimes full of humor and lead to exploration and understanding of  the archetypes. In our group, we all felt deeply connected and open to dialogue. I am excited about the archetypes I discovered in myself so far, and continue to have the images in front of me daily. I cannot wait to discover more in my fellow players and in myself .” – Heide Harris, MA, M.Div., Licensed Professional Counselor

Identity Pursuit is an absolute blast! It is so much more than a game to me and my friends. We are all amazed at how this is a journey into how all of us tick. IP greatly enhances and exercises my intuitive powers and helps me deal with clients in my landscape company more effectively. The game just keeps on playing in me long after we have put it away for the night—and that tells me a lot. – Ted Carter, Owner of Ted Carter Inspired Landscapes

My friends and I recently played the most amazing game called Identity Pursuit.  We quickly found out that it’s more than a game; it’s really a kind of “magic mirror” into who you really are. I have worked deeply in a great variety of activities for personal growth and spiritual awakening in my life, but this is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. And I had a great time doing it.
In just one highly enjoyable evening, I gained an incredible insight into the “real me”, not just the superficial roles that I show the world, but the “person inside the person” that really makes me tick.  And I wasn’t the only one — everyone who played gained a whole new perspective of themselves and their fellow players. Adding to the experience is the incredible art work of the game board and the cards used to represent the archetypes. Simply beautiful.
Identity Pursuit brings a whole new level of understanding to the roles I play in life and how to embrace them in a way that lets me become the person I’ve always wanted to be.  It’s ingenious.  I’m looking forward to gaining an even deeper understanding of myself and those around me every time I play. I highly recommend it.” – Allen Koss, “Mind Aerobics” creator

The game is currently being adapted and will be available soon in your country.